Andamento in Calabria a oggi (in aggiornamento…)

(Nostra elaborazione su dati Regione Calabria)

  1. Scala lineare (o naturale): si basa sulla differenza fra i numeri;
  2. Scala logaritmica: Si basa sul rapporto fra i numeri e fa comprendere meglio l’andamento del contagio.

C’è un tempo per tutto. Ora rallentiamo, poi penseremo al futuro

Following the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Journal on 9 March 2020 (G.U.n.62 of 09-03-2020): “Further implementing provisions of the decree-law of 23 February 2020, n. 6, containing urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 “which has extended the measures referred to in art. 1 of the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 8 March 2020 (G.U.n.59 of 08-03-2020) and which integrates the previous Law Decree n. 9 of 2 March 2020 containing “Urgent support measures for families, workers and businesses connected to the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19”, we communicate the following:

  1. The Consortium uses the “Agile” working method. Each editor works from home and interactions occur exclusively via telephone or video calls;
  2. Our work of drafting the commissioned digital tourist guides continues regularly so all those who wish to contact us will be able to do so in the normal way.