When the customer is using Calabria Vigorosa system he is giving to our organization lots of information about his or her private life. Calabria Vigorosa has developed a Privacy Statement to let the customer understand what kind of information we gather, the reason why we gather it and how we use it.

Calabria Vigorosa employs customer’s data to book or buy an holiday or a single service and to look for information inherent to customer’s requests. Calabria Vigorosa is an intermediary between customer’s travel agency and the suppliers of the services that compose our catalogue. So the personal information the customer is giving us is transmitted to travel agencies and suppliers. Calabria Vigorosa uses customer data to elaborate statistics as well.

Calabria Vigorosa gathers data in the following ways:

  • By the information the customer is giving us.
  • By analysing the information the customer is giving us we she/he is using our services.

Calabria Vigorosa uses customer information to improve the quality of its services  by offering a customized and personalized offer.

Calabria Vigorosa always requires the consent of the customer to use data the different purposes that are not expressed in the Privacy Statement.