Corporate social responsibility

Calabria Vigorosa is well aware of the consequences that economic activities have on the territory in which they operate, that’s why Calabria Vigorosa decided to adopt a CSR strategy. By developing our CSR strategy we want to underline our commitment towards the community which is hosting our organization. The main goal of our CSR strategy is to balance our activity with the needs of our physical and social environment.

Calabria Vigorosa supports activities which purpose is to strengthen social integration and to achieve this goal we want to use all the tools that our area of expertise, the tourism, makes available.

Calabria Vigorosa wants to think globally and act locally, because we are aware that we need to look all over the world to get inspiration to improve the situation of our territory. We strongly support the idea that we have to embrace the change that happens in a small context and then take it to a bigger scale.

Calabria Vigorosa will draw up a yearly social and environmental balance.

Another of the fundamental aims of Calabria Vigorosa is to have healthy relationships in the working environment. The last world economic breakdown showed how productivity must be measured now not only with profit-related parameters but overall with the general well-being of workers, consumers and stakeholders. The first step to achieve the well-being of our enterprise is to avoid genre-based discrimination in every and each aspect of our daily work.

Calabria Vigorosa has the commitment to respect natural environment and wants to adopt and share good practices with other local social and economic operators to spread the word and help natural surroundings to be respected.

Calabria Vigorosa wants to achieve a total customer satisfaction by supporting a communication strategy than let an uninterrupted exchange of information run.