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Convento dei Cappuccini

Convento dei Cappuccini

The place where are preserved the remains of St. Valentine

The Monastery of Belvedere Marittimo pays homage to San Daniele Fasanella and has been built at the end of XVI century. San Daniele Fasanella is the Saint of the city. The monastic order living in the Convento is the one named Frati Cappuccini, followers of San Francesco d’Assisi’s doctrine.

The Convento dei Cappuccini is standing on a hill full of massive tree, this characteristic makes this place the perfect spot to spend a day of relaxing reflections. The monks that have been living in this religious place have suffered persecutions along the centuries, sometimes the have been thrown out the monastery, but they’ve always come back to underline their deep relationship with this building.

The main attraction of the Convento dei Cappuccini in Belvedere Marittimo are San Valentine’s relics; the remains of the Saint of love have been hosted in this place since the XVIII century.

Thanks to a restoration that took place during the XX century visitors can now enjoy the original colours of the internal decorations.