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Peperoncino Festival

Peperoncino Festival

Festival dedicated to the Red King

  • Author: redazione
  • Date Posted: Jan 26, 2017
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  • Address: Diamante

The first edition of Peperoncino Festival took place in 1992 when the city of Diamante wanted to celebrate the arrival of Peperoncino to the ancient Europe thanks to Cristoforo Colombo’s discovery of Americas just five hundred year before.

This Festival’s aim is to celebrate local gastronomy; the centre of all kind of recipes and food experiences is, naturally, the Peperoncino, the local variety of chilly pepper. In every and each event proposed by the staff of Peperoncino Festival (theatre, music gigs, public lectures) the final purpose is to look for Peperoncino everywhere. The Peperoncino represents the secret ingredient that makes the food we taste, or the life we live, more interesting.

After more than 20 years Peperoncino Festival has become one of the most important cultural events of southern Italy.