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Contemporary Art Museum

  • Author: redazione
  • Date Posted: Jun 22, 2017
  • Category:
  • Address: Mammola

MUSABA is a living entity composed which vital parts are a park, a laboratory and a museum.

MUSABA is a magical place in which arts, architecture and nature create and impressive mix. MUSABA is located in the middle of Torbido Valley, in the council of Mammola, Reggio Calabria province. This is an area full of contradictions, in which the stark landscape and the heritage of the different cultures that crossed this place play a strategic part.

MUSABA was born in 1969 when Nik Spatari and Hinske Mass decided to create an arts hub on the ruins of the ancient Santa Barbara historical complex.

Starting from the end of the 60’s they proposed exhibitions of contemporary art located into the ruins and wild nature; since then they never stopped restoring, digging up and building new objects with recyclable materials.

MUSABA’s area is packed with Nik Spatari’s works, like mosaics, plastic craftworks, the coloured church known as ‘Cappella Sistina’ of Calabria and the Art Box that are hosting structures for artists.

MUSABA is the visionary dream of a couple of artists who decided to deal with the problems of creating a living art hub in a marginal area like Calabria; this place show how the commitment for the growth of the south is possible and, overall, more exciting than doing the same activity in a friendly background.

Author: Chiara Falcone.