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A walk through the masterpieces

  • Author: redazione
  • Date Posted: Mar 28, 2017
  • Category:
  • Address: Corso Mazzini Cosenza

Corso Mazzini is the main street of Cosenza. It is a huge car-free boulevard in which the visitors can feel the exciting mix of street activities (shops, food sellers, people chatting) and arts.

This is possible thanks to the MAB, an open-air museum which hosts various masterpieces of great artists like Dalì, De Chirico and Modigliani amongst the others.

This is the list of the sculptures belonging to the MAB:

  • ‘Le Tre Colonne’ and ‘i Bronzi di Riace’, from Sacha Sosno;
  • ‘Il Grande Metafisico’, ‘Ettore e Andromaca’ and ‘i Grandi Archeologi’ from Giorgio De Chirico;
  • ‘La Rinascita della Cultura’ and ‘il Lupo della Sila’ from Mimmo Rotella;
  • ‘La Grande Bagnante’ from Emilio Greco;
  • ‘San Giorgio e il Drago’ from Salvador Dalì;
  • ‘Testa di Medusa’, il ‘Cardinale in Piedi’ from Giacomo Manzù;
  • ‘Ferro Rosso’, ‘Paracarro Grigio Bardiglio’, ‘Paracarro Bianco di Arni’, Parcarro Rosato di Toscana’ and ‘Paracarro Noce di Siena’ from Pietro Consagra;
  • ‘La Testa di Cariatide’ from Amedeo Modigliani.