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Parco Nazionale Pollino

Parco Nazionale Pollino

Amazing natural park

  • Author: redazione
  • Date Posted: Sep 13, 2016
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  • Address: Parco Nazionale del Pollino

Imagine an area that extends for more than 192 thousand hectares that reaches 2300 meters of height.
Think about it as the greatest gift box in the world; let’s suppose you open it and find in it a wide mix of cultures, from the Ancient Greek to arbreshe, the Bosnian Pine, the wolf and the golden eagle, dolomite rocks and artistic expressions as the Bos Primigenius.
Are you there?
Did you take a look inside?
Are you surprised?
Well, you just received the Pollino National Park!
The flora and fauna that are settled in the Pollino National Park are the result of a long process of integration between the Mediterranean and the Apennine environment.
The Mediterranean vegetation goes along the visitors up to 800-900 meters; at this altitude you can see the Holm oak, Juniper and Myrtle; while going up for a few hundred meters is likely to bump into the five types of Maple of this nature reserve, as well as oaks and chestnut trees.
The fauna living in Parco Nazionale del Pollino gives us lots of surprises both staring straight at our feet or looking towards the snowy peaks.
One of the marks out of Pollino is the presence of a very rare Beetle as well as the beautiful butterfly Melanargia Arge.
Among the endangered species from extinction that can find a safe haven in the Pollino we include the Common and Paludal Tortoise volatile as well as the Partridge.